Discover everything the Field Operation has to offer to help you maximize profits on your projects.



Proficiently monitor and oversee the project budgets for all of your clients with comprehensive detail.

Bid Configuration

Use this platform to streamline task allocation, track progress, and schedule work plans for all team members involved in the project:

  • Assign tasks
  • Visualize progress
  • Schedule itineraries
Quote Configuration

Efficiently manage the tasks and costs associated with each project, including employee assignment, cost calculations for materials, resource allocation, and scenario planning, ensuring accurate budget tracking:

  • Employee Allocation
  • Material cost calculation
  • Team and other resource management
  • Selection of work scenarios

Track and assess the progress of individual tasks in real-time, facilitating a continuous comparison of their advancement.

Bid Admin

Access real-time cost and progress reports, including comparative graphs, daily progress updates, task- and project-specific expense reports, and a display of hours worked, to stay up to date and make data centered decisions:

  • Comparative charts
  • Daily Progress Reports
  • Expense report for tasks and project
  • Visualization of hours worked

Effectively track and manage all changes to your inventory of materials and tools.

Warehouse Movement

Maintain an accurate record of all items in stock, allowing for quick and efficient assignment to a work team. Utilize barcode scanning for equipment and material registration, track usage, and access the history of each assigned item:

  • Equipment and materials registration with barcode scanning
  • Record of use of materials and equipment
  • Check the assignment history for each item in your inventory

Efficiently plan your work team's week with our comprehensive tool.

Easily create weekly schedules for each team, assign supervisors and team members to specific tasks, and use the cloning feature to quickly replicate previous plans for faster management.

  • Weekly planning of worker teams
  • Supervisor Assignments
  • Easily clone plans for quick management
Dispatch (Mobile)

Manage your schedules quickly and easily with our mobile app. With the ability to add new schedules or manage existing ones, you can make changes on-the-go. Assign employees, materials, and equipment directly from the app, making it a one-stop-shop for all your scheduling needs.

  • Add new or manage existing schedules
  • Employee Assignment
  • Materials and equipment allocation
Job assignment

Easily manage work assignments with our intuitive tool.

With the ability to view or create new work assignments, you can quickly assign employees, supervisors, teams, and associated resources. Our tool allows you to monitor each employee's current location and assign work times, equipment, and materials. With everything related to assigned work at your fingertips, you can stay organized and efficient.

  • Monitor current location of each employee
  • Schedule and review work times for employees, supervisors, equipment, and materials
  • Effortlessly add new jobs to a diverse group of employees
Daily report

Stay up-to-date on your work team's progress with our daily reporting tool.

Monitor real-time progress for each job, track employee performance, and view the materials and equipment used. Our tool also provides cost reports for each job, giving you a comprehensive understanding of your team's performance.

  • Daily real time progress of work
  • Cost report for each job
  • Employees, equipment and materials live tracking
Daily report (Mobile)

Supervisors can easily track and monitor work progress with our mobile app. Our app allows supervisors to record arrival times, departure times, travel times, and rest breaks for each job, with automatic registration via GPS for equipment location. With the ability to add descriptions or comments, and assign employees, equipment, and materials used directly from the app, supervisors have all the information they need to manage and track the work of their teams.

  • Track start, end times, travel duration, and breaks
  • Automatically track the location of your worker teams using GPS
  • Add comments or descriptions
  • Assign employees and equipment, and track materials used

Simplify your payroll process with our automated tool.

Our system accurately calculates your employees' pay based on their reported hours worked, ensuring accurate and timely payments. The tool also automatically calculates overtime and benefits, making the process even more streamlined and efficient.

  • Calculation of worked hours
  • Automated calculation for benefits and overtime

Our system helps streamline your billing process by providing you with all the necessary information for invoicing your clients.

With real-time access to detailed information on all expenses, you can quickly consult and download the information you need to create accurate invoices. Allowing you to review costs according to the progress of work, as well as weekly cost breakdown, labor and equipment costs. Additionally, you can easily download all this information in an Excel file, making your billing processes a walk in the park.

  • Cost breakdown by project stage
  • Weekly cost breakdown
  • Expenses associated with staffing and equipment
  • Save as an Excel file
Expense record

Keep track of all the expenses for every job in one place.

Record and review all expenses incurred for each job:

  • Add costs specifying employees, equipment, exchange rate, invoice number and comments
  • Attach invoice documents
  • Consult by date range, clients or job
  • Edit existing expenses
Fuel expenses

Easily register the costs of fuel spent by your machinery and equipment.

Create a detailed record of all fuel consumption expenses to attach them to the billing:

  • Purchase Order Quote
  • Add costs by specifying work done, equipment, employees, receipt number, amount and quantities
  • Attach pictures of expenses and receipts
  • Filter by date range, clients or job
  • Edit existing expenses