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Discover how Yfos ERP Cloud Field Operations is revolutionizing the oilfield services industry!

With comprehensive automation, real-time data access, scalability and flexibility, and enhanced collaboration, our cloud platform is designed to streamline and empower Wade Works' daily operations. Don't miss our explanatory video to learn how Yfos ERP can transform your operations and boost productivity!


We develop products that are fully adaptable to your operational needs while making your company highly efficient in the process.


Enterprise Resource Planning software for fast growing companies, fully adaptable and customizable four our customers operational needs.

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Platform designed to manage mobilized personnel; collectors, sellers, technical service crew, operators, etc. All your operational needs at the palm of your hand.

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EDI Software solutions for data translation and trading partner document exchange.

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Our customization solutions change existing processes and create new ones, taking advantage or the flexibility of our platforms. You have the option to add industry or custom specific functions, helping your company satisfy your unique business needs

Fully customizable

Customize our platforms according to your needs. Existing processes can be adapted, or fully new processes can be created.

EDI services

Software, configuration, technical mapping, interconnection with trading partners, ERP or Legacy systems integration and automation of EDI daily operations.

Mobile Apps

Custom made mobile apps adapted to your needs, web and mobile hybrid platforms, web apps development and SAS solutions


Our ERP is a very practical, easy to use and fast to implement that improves day to day business operations and control. A powerful tool for your business. Developed for various industries in mind such as:

ERP Cloud


On-the-road services (field work services)



Mobile ERP



On-the-road services
(field work services)

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